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I recently got a mewtwo for a zekrom off the GTS in black. Now I wonder if that deal was too good to be true. Maybe mewtwo is hacked? I am just really scared that I will get a bad egg. I have seen people with bad eggs before. It is a nightmare. It freezes their game, and they can't trade it without ruining somebody elses game. So, I have never and never will hack. Is there even a slight chance that mewtwo could give me a bad egg?


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Mewtwo won't create a Bad Egg. Don't worry. :)

The only way Bad Eggs are created is by hacking them into the game yourself, and the result of the Pokemon you were trying to create may become a Bad Egg and ruin your game. Bad Eggs are there to protect your game from the dangers of hackology. :D :D :D

If the Mewtwo isn't a Bad Egg now, it will never be a Bad Egg. Of course, you can do anything in hacking, but you got in a trade. So if the Mewtwo isn't a Bad Egg now, it will never produce any. :)

Hope I helped. :)
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Well the only way to get a Bad egg in Black is by hacking it in your game

hi pikamaster we traded. thanks for shiny magnemite! :-)