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I am doing a run with Pokemon from Pokedit for Black 2 and I just level them up in Pokedit
and I was doing some research just messing around on the DB, and I looked on one of my Q's on Pokedit, it was http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/124993/what-is-wrong-with-my-crobat
and I saw Megaswifter's comment and I got kinda scared, with doing this run with Pokedit as your level resource, I thought he said I can get a Bad Egg, so I started researching Bad Egg,
and I found that megaswifter asked a Q on Bad Eggs and if he can get them from Pokedit,
and SBR has answered it, and he said No, I started to worry that SBR was wrong because Megaswifter said that he Did get a Bad Egg from Pokedit, so I need a clear answer, can you
get a bad egg from Pokedit if you use it to much?!

I really wanted to answer this but I can't find anything...ugh. It always annoys me when I can't find anything useful on the internet :D
it was a website that said that was pokeedit and pokegen combined so i dont thinks so sorry for the scare you :( (maby was pokegen part fault) im really sorry to scare you sorry :(
Oh no harm done, don't sweat it bud :)

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No, Ben is totally right. I went on for about 10 minutes around the Internet and found all NO's. I also have experience with PokeEdit and in my history of about 100 Pokemon from here, never once have I received a Bad Egg. The answer is NO.

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Thanks Tutor!
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NO cuz on my Pokemon diamond verision ive got like 60 pkmn from Pokedit so I dont think so I used it a lot and dont got any bad eggs yet

Jofly, before you rage at me, I couldn't see your answer while I type so I have not copied you. So just saying before you start raging at me.
Its ok Flare i dont care that much
Okay thanks, I just made sure to tell you because some users just rage.