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I have an egg in my PC box in my Pokemon Emerald and my friend told me that if I didn't hatch it, it would go bad and wreck my game which I've played 100 hours on, and I didn't want to lose my data. Please help me because if bad eggs aren't real then I don't have to hatch the egg. I have better things to do than hatch a useless Spoink egg.

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Actually, they do exist. There are certin times in the game that a "bad egg" could occur. But these only occur through "cheats". If you were to say, have the "One attack = kill" cheat on during a doubles match, if one of the enemy trainers runs out of pokemon, a "bad egg" may appear. It will be an "egg" named "Bad Egg". I do not know what happens if you kill it.

Now if you have a "Bad Egg" in your party, It's name will be "Bad Egg". Get to a PokeCenter, ASAP. If a "Bad Egg" Hatches, your game will crash. You will keep your last saved data, but this cane still be bad. My brother had a "Bad Egg" once, he saved and was 10 steps from a PokeCenter, but the Egg hatched in 4 steps, and with no way to get to the PokeCenter(No Fly, Dig, or Teleport), he had no choice but to restart his data.

In conclusion, "Bad Eggs" are real but don't occur other than through cheats.

a bad egg only is on cheats. so if you use cheats when your pokemon my lay an egg but a BAD EGG
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No, that's just baloney. You can keep eggs in the PC for as long as you like.

You might get a bad egg if your game gets corrupted somehow, but that's very rare. If it's not a bad egg now, then it almost certainly won't become one.

Just make sure you keep the game safe when you're not playing it, i.e. in its wrapper or case, away from the sun etc. And don't hack it because that sometimes makes the game corrupt.

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They are very real if you use cheats.

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