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How do you exactly get bad eggs. Can you get it through receiving a hacked Pokemon through trade and not get rid of the hacked Pokemon?


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You get a egg regardless if you get it from yourself, breeding hacked Pokemon, or trading to get an egg. They will still result in normal Pokemon.
To get a bad egg, this is when the action replay starts to take place. When you type in a code to receive any Pokemon you want (Gen V and lower), you start up the game and the bad egg would take place. Normally, they say press "Start" to create your Pokemon egg. When the egg comes out, it says bad egg. To know if something is a bad egg, you can take any amount of steps you want, and it wont hatch when it says "OH!". It normally takes 1 step each time (annoying). Some Pokemon activate if you re "START" the egg, but not necessarily.
I don't actually know on how to receive a bad egg in X and Y though.

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Would you still get one even if you didn't do the hack but someone gave you the pokemon the hacker hacked?
You can't know for sure due to the unpredictable nature of hacks and glitches, but assuming that you are playing a Gen 6 game, the chances of anything bad happening as a result of hacking (or receiving a hacked Pokemon) is very low. The games deal with hacks and glitches much better than the older games do.
Based on the lack of information on Bad Eggs in Gen 6 on Bulbapedia, they're quite rare. Not much is known about how you can get one. You should be fine.
Chances seems very low. Bad eggs are very rare and might occur if something goes wrong - like a glitch
Not a hacked pokemon?
If it's not a hack, you won't get a bad egg.