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I was playing X and then an Acquaintance trade request showed up.
Then I thought to myself: "Let's offer this guy one of my Riolu breedjects and see if he wants it."
The guy offered me an Egg, I wanted to gift him the Riolu so I didn't care checking the Egg's summary and started the trade. Later, I checked it and got the death sentence: "it looks as though this egg will take a long time yet to hatch."
I quarantined the box ASAP and left the Egg untouched since.
What should I do? Is it safe to save or close my game? Should I get rid of the Egg via action replay or just leave the box how it is now until the end of time?

Thanks in advance.

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It's not as if the game is so unstable that it will implode with the introduction of one hacked Pokemon.
Release it of you can, attempt wonder trading it otherwise.
Being an egg is what makes bad eggs so bad in the first place. You can't release eggs or throw them to the Wonder Trade, and I don't think that re-trading them via Link Trade would be a good idea.
Maybe pokemon bank then?
I am sure that attempting to put that Bad Egg in Pokemon Bank would give you the same message doing that as you would if you tried to add any Action Replayed Pokemon in there.

Note I'm not saying necessarily PokeGen because if you create an otherwise feasible PokeGen poke (like as long as it's not an Unown that knows Fire Blast), it'll go through.
No I meant depositing all of the other pokemon into bank (minus one) and restart the game to  get rid of the bad egg, and then withdraw the mons onto the new save.

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I have good news: this is most likely not a bad egg. Bad eggs are always named as such by the game, so if it’s just named “Egg,” there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s going on is that it has an unusually high number of egg cycles. If the egg has more than 40 egg cycles remaining, it’ll display that message. However, the only Pokémon that start off with enough to get this message are legendaries and mythicals, so it’s definitely hacked, but it shouldn’t cause the game-breaking glitches associated with bad eggs. I would treat it as if it were just any other hacked Pokémon.


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Thanks, I will still be careful with that thing, but now I am relieved that all my pokémon won't go to waste.
Just reading this now after having commented before. Congrats Proto.

It must be quite thrilling wondering what you're gonna get from that egg.