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Is there a specific way to tell if its bad or not? Because I REALLY don't want to lose my game due to something like that.

Also, I want to see if the person I traded my random egg too, ( I obtained the egg from a random person) will lose their game. If so, I'M SORRY PERSON WHO TRADED ME A HA FROAKIE AND GOT CRASHED BY BAD EGG! :(


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Well it depends on what game you are playing. On Gens 3,4,5 & 6, the caption on your team will just say 'Bad Egg', so it's not Rocket Science.

On Generation 3, the appearance of an egg in the PC Box can sometimes take the form of a Pokemon, however when you look at the status box, it will come up with numerous ??? like the unseen Pokemon sign. So in Gen 3, those are the ways that you can tell whether the Egg is good or bad.

On Generation 4, I believe that you can only aquire a Bad Egg if you are Emulating or you have hacked the game, so unless you have done that, I wouldn't worry.

On Generation 5, the Egg does not have a Pokedex Entry like a normal egg would do, or any status information, so look out for that before trading.

And lastly, on Generation 6, it is a glitch that occurs very rarely on XY.

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SOURCE: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Bad_Egg

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I'm playing Alpha Sapphire. What generation is that?  Does it count as the original generation like Sapphire? Or is it like X/Y because surely its a modern game like X/Y?
It's Generation 6 like XY, so you really don't need to worry about finding a Bad Egg!
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The egg will have a 'fainted' symbol next to it as if it is fainted. The person had to have used lots of/heavy cheats to get a bad egg. So if it didn't have that symbol, don't be sorry. If it did, you are a thief. xD
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