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I've read where people have received it through
Wonder Trade, which makes me doubt the supposedly non tradeable glitch is not so non tradable anymore. Are these accounts true or are they just trying to get a false fear going?


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Yeah, there is a great chance that Bad Eggs appear in Generation VI.

However, it should be noted that the Bad Egg isn't a mistake. The Bad Egg was put in the game purposely by developers so if someone tried to hack the game, the Bad Egg would appear and say 'Nah-ah, not on mah eggeh watch!'. :3

According to this, you can't trade eggs over Wonder Trade, so that would refer to the Bad Egg. It also states that they have seen only one instance of the Bad Egg through a video, so it's possible that the Bad Egg glitch is fake. This is easily backed up because the 3DS currently remains unhackable (to the internet, anyway. No one has gone viral with it yet.) So yeah, it's just false fear.

However, if you do see a Bad Egg come into your game via Wonder Trade, you're screwed. Sowwy. c:

Hope I helped. :)
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Ok that's a relief I was completely going to not do Wonder Trade ever again plus all I receive are Noibat anyway :p
This glitch has actually been officially addressed.

Just to go into a little more detail:
Accounts say it has multiplied, and that it corrupts any PC box it goes in, and the Pokemon in it.
I receive Flabebe! You're lucky! :o xD
And JarJar, why do you have to always pick on my answers? You hate meh ;~;
XD well it gets annoying after having 3 box full so... My little sister absolutely loves Flabebe so I dedicated a Florges to my team :) Lvl 100 Nickname: Victorious
Basically, never trade eggs, not even in link trade. If you are offered an egg in a potential trade, refuse the offer.