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Best answer is a Pokemon website.

• Editor and Store

PokEdit is many things, but the focus of our site is Pokemon creation. We've built a powerful Pokemon Editor that is tightly integrated with our Webstore. You can create custom Pokemon and files using our Editor and add them to real Pokemon games from our store. After you buy a game, you'll receive it with the edits you made on our Editor. You can also purchase a Send-In Service and send in Your Own Game.

• Send to Game and GTS Service

Another key feature of PokEdit is our GTS Service. This allows you to wirelessly send Pokemon from our website directly to your game. You can only send one at a time, so it's not as convient as buying an Unlocked Game, but it's a great way to get those Event Pokemon you missed. You can also send any Pokemon from one of our Databases or from the Editor.

• Community

We have Message Boards that is ripe for conversation about Pokemon Hacking, Editor Tips, Website help, and anything else that you think is relavent. We've also tried to add a comment section on many of the page. So, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us and the community. The more feedback we get is the better we can make PokEdit.

• Everything else

PokEdit has many other services and utilities. There is a dedicated News Section, Download Section, Tools, and much more coming in the future. The more participation we get from our community, the more services we'll be able to offer in the future.

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Wow, it sounds cool! So would you have to buy a separate game with the Pokemon you edit in, or can you send them to the game you already have with Wi-fi?
Oh, you can use the games you already have :)
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PokEdit explains it well on their Support page.

Basically, PokEdit is a site where you can make Pokemon and you can send them to your physical game card by editing the save file of it. And it actually works. :3

Hope I helped. :)

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PokEdit is a Pokemon Generating Website that can link to your DS, then transfer the desired Pokemon to your game :D

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PokEdit is a software you can use to create Pokémon online and send them to your game through the GTS using Wi-Fi.

For more information about PokEdit click here.

Source: Experience (I use it)

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