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I made two attempts but I have yet to get one through PokeBank is it impossible to get one, or am I forgetting something?

Note: I have made some Pokemon the same way and they have made it through.

In the process of testing this out

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No there doesn't seem to be :/ I've just created 15 Snivy's with different features e.g. moves, stats, level, gender, shininess and egg hatched/caught date and location, and not one Snivy got through which I'm a little annoyed about.

This is probably because Pokemon have yet to release a Snivy/Servine/Serperior with it's Hidden Ability Contrary, never mind a Shiny Snivy/Servine/Serperior with Contrary.

So far only Pokémon with legitimately moves, abilities and other features can be transported to Pokémon Bank. Since Snivy/Servine/Serperior have not been released with Contrary you cannot get it legitimately. I suspect that the Pokémon creators may have also modified the hack checker since it was first made available to the public, as a lot of websites claimed it did not prevent hacked Pokémon from being transported.

Source: Tested it out and List of released Hidden Ability Pokémon.

Hope I helped :)

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Wow, +1 for a super dedicated answer
Thanks it took a while to test this out. I wasn't getting anywhere so I gave up after 15. On the other hand I've got 15 Snivy's with Contrary and various other different features on my Black 2 game if anyone wants one?
There actually IS a false positive: I received an Unown from the GTS that seems to have "failed" the hack-check, because it was transferred from HG/SS to B/W/B2/W2 before being PokéTransported to X/Y. It was indeed a legitimately-obtained Pokémon, but still...

ALSO: I think a way to get around a hack check like that is to create your hacked Pokémon AND THEN BREED IT. Transfer the child Pokémon forward.
Hmm... I might test out breeding the hacked Pokémon to see if the offspring can be transferred. The only problem with that though is that it's offspring won't necessarily come out the way he wants it, as he wants it shiny and I'm guessing perfect IV's.
Ya win some, ya lose some.
Thanks ;)
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