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I want to be able to transfer all my Pokemon from Aloa into the Galar region.

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Just wait until the games come out. Then this question will be a lot easier to answer.

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Yes. It's been confirmed that the app Pokemon Home, available for Switch, iOS and Android, will allow one-way transfer of certain species of Pokemon from generation 7 games to Sword and Shield. Unfortunately, from the information we know so far, all of the mons not available in the Galar Pokedex aren't able to be transferred to Sword/Shield.
There's no way of knowing whether GF will code the remaining mons into the game after this information was revealed at E3, even with the controversy it's causing.
Pokemon Home is planned to be released in early 2020, but if GF goes through with axing all of the mons from prior generations it might not be worth it, especially if you're seeking to transfer legendaries and mythicals. Well, it's cliche, but only time will tell.

At least they're even going as far as to reconsider it, that's more than most companies would care to do, I guess...
Actually, turns out they have a pretty good reason for it. Since the game is being released on a new console it mean they'd have to re-model every single Pokemon. It would take an insane amount of time and not doing it means they can work on other aspects of the game instead. So if they did add every Pokemon in SW/SH then it may sacrifice the quality of other aspects in the game.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but they're the same models as before.
No, it's because it's on a new console and they can't use the old models because the coding is meant for the 3DS. Maybe it's just that they need to make new skins for the models, but either way the problem persists. I'd rather they not waste the time and risk sacrificing other elements of the game. The only thing it REALLY causes problems for is the competitive circuit, but people should be able to enjoy Pokemon aside from that. And it's not like this is going to be a thing for every game that follows... Besides, it also causes people to be more resourceful when playing the game regularly -- making it a more interesting experience. I think they made the right call. Well, I mean I guess if they took another year then they could do the national dex, but you have to forgive them -- they're a company, afterall. No matter how much we love Nintendo they do have to make money and keep up with competition, it's unrealistic for people to assume they work 100% just for our enjoyment. At the end of the day I'd say they do pretty good for us.
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