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What I mean is has it been recognized by Nintendo/Game Freak as a legal Pokemon?
Also with PokeBank's release do I need to have the correct Secret ID number for them to allow the Pokemon through? (When Pokediting them)
Or does it not matter as long as their stats are legal.

Not normally, unless you actually named your character POKEDIT.

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Actually, I'd think otherwise. Sorry Blitz :S xD

I was searching through Pokedit and I found out that you can change the OT of your Pokemon - therefore, not all Pokemon from Pokedit will have the OT 'POKEDIT'. It is simply a normal, random name to the game, and therefore it could get through any hacked Pokemon filter, as long as it's legal and all that.

And as for your second question, your game's ID and the Secret ID are selected completely at random. Therefore their (il)legitimacy status basically has nothing to do with their IDs. (Unless, of course the IDs are not six digits long :P)

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Pokedit and Experience

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Nope, Pokedit is not legal, nor recognized by Nintendo.

PokEdit and UltraSaves Inc. are not affilated with Nintendo. Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

Source - PokEdit itself (just scroll down.)