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I've been trying to get a shiny pichu in moon for like 2 weeks, and I'm at 3k eggs right now and still nothing
The two Pokemon I'm breeding are
A Japanese ditto
And a French Pikachu I transferred from my yellow game with pokebank
The Pikachu in question was the starter Pikachu
Is that why I'm not getting a shiny ?

Do you have a shiny charm?

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Assuming you have the Shiny Charm, that's 1/512 chance to get a Shiny from Masuda Method.

I believe that you're just getting extremely unlucky, there's no reason at all that the Pichus wouldn't be shiny.

But as it is with RNG, you could get it in 10 eggs, you could get it in 10,000 eggs.

I do  not have the shiny charm

I did get a shiny furfrou with only 90 eggs without it though
Even without the Shiny Charm it's 1/682, you're just having some tough luck. I actually have managed to get at least 1 shiny by accident every day. It's all RNG unfortunately