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So, here is my team. I just need a mega, that is all.

  1. Uxie
  2. Aegislash
  3. Noivern
  4. Jellicent
  5. Greninja
  6. ??? ( Mega needed)

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I suggest Mega Mawile. It makes up to that Ghost weakness with Sucker Punch. Play Rough on Dark weakness, and maybe Iron Head for Rock and Ice.

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What Flying weakness?
Ok I will take it.
Misspelled Ice w/ Flying. Whoops
How does that even work :P
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I suggest mega kangaskhan because it has the parental bond ability which can do something really powerful. Here it is.
Kangaskhan with the nature brave
Moves: fake out; for flinching plus 1.5x damage

             Power-Up-Punch: double attack boost
             Aerial Ace: to take care of fighting types
             Outrage: use it for sweeping or when your just about to give up

If you don't have kangaskhan, you can find it in glittering cave(it's slightly uncommon, so it might take you a while to find one) Mega stone is also in glittering cave, but apparently I forgot where it is in the cave(you need the upgraded mega ring to get it though)
Hope I helped!