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Does the stat boost of the macho brace affect all stats and does the debuff of speed only affect it when it is equipped? Also does a macho brace along with pokerus quadruple the stat boost?

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The macho brace doubles the EVs gained for all stats but it reduces only the speed in battle

Example taken from the DBs EV page:
A Starly normally provides 1 Speed EV, but with your Pokémon holding the Macho Brace, it will receive 2 Speed EVs.

So that means when you kill something that gives 2 hp evs then with the macho brace you would get 4 hp evs
and it is only in effect when your Pokemon is holding it

Hope I helped :)

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Thank you! Does pokerus quadruple the stat boost?
yes it does
Okay so it only reduces your pokemons speed WHILE it is holding it right?