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What does Serebii mean with this?

And how do I register nintendi ID?


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How to make a Nintendo Network ID

Nintendo explains in great detail about how to make a Nintendo Network ID on the 3DS. You basically need a Nintendo Network ID to download pretty much anything from the eShop - so yeah, it's a pretty good idea getting one. ;)

If you already have one on the Wii U, there is another link in the link that will tell you how to do that too. Though I assume you don't, since you've never heard of it. :P

Hope I helped. :)

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Dont worry its nothing too important that you should know or do ,u just need to have a nintendo network I'd .It basically explains what it will do for the servers not to crush again ,in case you want to know.You can make an Id via your 3ds,3ds xl ,2ds device look for the exact details on YouTube to be sure that you will do it right

How do i make a Nintendo id?
Why does it cost 50$?
It does not its free.u can make it if u tap on the orange smley face on the top of the bottom home screen.its easy