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If Ash meets the Pokemon that are fairy types he would he say "I never knew that this Pokemon was fairy type?"
Like Wigglytuff was normal type now normal/fairy

Makes no sense to me.

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My Illogical Theory

Firstly, they might simply ignore the fact that it was once a pure type and pretend that Ash always knew it was a part Fairy, or better yet didn't know the type at all.

Or, what may happen is that some smart person (like, Brock-smart, not saying Brock will come though) will come along and say that scientists recently discovered that Wigglytuff (for example) is part Fairy-type as well.

I personally believe the first theory is true, but I guess we're gonna have to wait till the debut of the first Fairy-type Pokemon.

Hope I helped. :)

I already saw the first episode with the fairy type introduced. SPOILER ALERT!!! The fairy type Pokemon is sylveon
That doesn't help in answering the question though, since the already debuted Dedenne and Sylveon are all new Pokemon.
Gardevoir appeared in Mega Evo special but we have all new characters fighting there. Guess we still have to wait until a previously non-Fairy has not appeared yet.
Basically, yeah.