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On the home screen menu for 3ds Pokemon x's icon has a blue dot next to it, I know this means there is a spotpass notification, but what is it for? i.e. does it just mean a friend is online or what?

there is a typo, you wrote "t" instead of "to"

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The dot is a Spotpass. SpotPass notification is for the Holo Caster. If you open up your Holo Caster and update it, the new message should appear.
I believe this time the message is about the start of the Winter Regional Championships.


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A spotpass is a notification to tell you that there is a update available for your game, such as downloadable content from the internet. It also inform you about events, tournaments, and special distributions from participating stores and event locations.

If you open up the Holo Caster and check the notification, the icon will vanish.

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