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Same with the red star next to my shiny nidoqueen.


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enter image description here
This means that your Tokegiss had Pokerus, a rare Pokemon Virus.

If your Pokemon has the virus there will be a enter image description here sign in its summary. If it has been cured there will be a enter image description here sign.


When a Pokemon has Pokerus, its EVs gained are doubled. Even if it was cured, the effect stays. A Pokemon with the virus can spread it. To do this, enter a wild battle. Battle a few times(3-5) and your Pokemon will receive Pokerus. To ensure the virus is not cured, keep the Pokemon in your PC.

^ More info on Pokerus.

enter image description here
The enter image description here sign next to your Nidoqueen means that it is shiny. Shiny Pokemon are very rare. When they are sent out, they sparkle. To find one easily use Chain Fishing or PokeRadar. To breed one easily, use the Masuda Method.

^ Info on shiny Pokemon.

Picture credit- Bulbapedia

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Thank you; I was wondering the same thing. (I actually didn't know that Pokémon that recover still get the EV increase :$)  Only one bad thing about this answer:  using the word "easily" when referring to catching shiny Pokémon almost makes me want to cry. (JK :)
I actually wandered across shiny nidoran(F) without using any of these tools.
It is possible that you got it in a horde. In hordes, there is a 5/4092 chance of getting a shiny, rather than the normal 1/4092 chance. Forgot to mention that! Sorry ^___^".

Even I found a shiny Nidoran-M in this way
You know he could have randomly gotten in the wild, he still has a 1/8192 chance of finding one just in the wild.
I never found a shiny and I played like 23times (different games) d:
I also ran across a shiny zubat in the oreburgh mine
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Pink Smiley Faces are Pokerus = it has or had the virus.

Just to add:-

Shiny Red Star - Pokemon's shiny
Pink Smiley Face - Has or had pokerus
Blue Hexagon - Kalos born Pokemon
Markings - purely for marking a Pokemon preferably for iv's.

Pink smiley face is if it HAD pkrs not having.
Pokerus lasts for a little while and then a permanent stamp gets placed, pink icon.
The pink face means it's healed although it still gets the ev boost but it's not having pokerus