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I've always wanted to make that annoying set for Togekiss, but nowadays people have different movesets and natures for Togekiss, so it's hard to choose.'

Basically, I need help finalizing this Togekiss:

[email protected]
Calm Nature? Timid? Modest? (Suggestion)
- Thunder Wave
- Air Slash
- Roost
- ??? (Suggestion)

I'm going to build a team around this Togekiss, so team members aren't needed for suggestions.


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First, since this is a Paraflinch one Calm nature. It allows you take more hits when you set up Twave.
Next there are 2 main moves that go well with this set:
Dazzling Gleam: Strong Stab move for Dragons and Dark Types.
Aura Sphere: I more recommend this one. It covers Rock and Steel types that can tank your Air Slashes.

More or less the final set I recommend is:
[email protected]
252 spatk 252spdef 4hp
-Air Slash
-Thunder Wave
-Aura Sphere/Dazzling Gleam

Hope I helped.

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Here are two possible combinations for an annoying Togekiss....

Togekiss @Leftovers
Calm Nature
252 Defense and 252 Special Attack and 4 Special Defense
Ability: Serence Grace
-- Sweet Kiss (First confusion....the opposing Pokemon will only have 50% chance of attacking)
-- Air Slash (STAB and 60% of flinching)
-- Roost (Keep on healing and never die!)
-- Aura Sphere (Coverage)


Togekiss @Leftovers
Modest Nature
252 Defense and 252 Special Attack and 4 Special Defense
Ability: Super Luck
-- Air Cutter (STAB and pretty much 100% chance for critical hit)
-- Dazzling Gleam (STAB)
-- Roost (Like I said before....)
-- Sweet Kiss (Confuses the opposing Pokemon and makes that high critical hit rate even more deadly)

Sorry that I have changed the moves but I believe that these are the two best move pools in order to truly be "annoying."

But to finish your Togekiss.....

Togekiss @Leftovers
Calm Nature
200 Defense and 252 Special Attack and 56 Special Defense
Ability: Serence Grace
-- Thunder Wave
-- Air Slash
-- Roost
-- Aura Sphere

Hope I helped!

Thunder Wave is a standard for paraflinch Togekiss because it needs to outspeed Pokemon for the flinch chance to actually work and it gives a chance of immobility.
For the first set, Thunder Wave is generally better than Sweet Kiss.
^ Body Slam Togekiss new meta

Yes, but when a pokemon is paralyzed, it has a 25% chance of NOT attacking. When a pokemon is confused, it has a 50% chance of NOT attacking. Obviously, the 50% is better than the 25%. And, while confused, damage is dealt by automatically. So....wouldn't confusion be better than paralysis either way?
But Paralysis is permanent unless cured by Heal Bell/Aromatherapy/Refresh

Confusion is worse since your opponent can probably break out of it right after it gets confused
^ That and the fact that they can switch out and it wouldn't be confused anymore.
Plus Thunder Wave is important not only because of the immobility, but also the slash in their speed.
I see....I didn't realize this. Thanks for telling me about this.

@Almighty Derpados and MechSteelix
but what if they use trick room?