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I have a Togetic in my team, and I have just heard the only way to evolve it is to finish the 16 badge quest, and get Rock Climb, or get the national dex or beat the bug catching contest or win the Pokeathelon, but I honestly never bother with pokemon contests. So, I wanna know if there is a way to breed a Togekiss? I don't know that mutch about breeding, but if I can get a Togekiss egg please tell me, or is it impossible?
NOTE: This is SoulSilver.


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No, you can't get a Togekiss egg.

But you can breed Togetic to get a Togepi.
And Togetic is in the Fairy and Flying egg group.
So if you have a Female Togetic and breed it with a pokemon from the Fairy or Flying egg group you will get a baby Togepi. NOTE: the pokemon from the 2 egg groups must be Male to breed

So the only way to get a Togekiss is to get the way you mentioned or trade

--- Heatran507

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