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I like Togekiss as a Pokemon and using it in battle, but I am so sick of seeing it everywhere in the Battle Stadium and dealing with its Nasty Plot + Air Slash + Dynamax combo over and over again.

So how do I counter it?

My best answers so far:
Rhyperior - can take any of its moves (except Grass Knot!) & use STAB Rock
Clefable - unaware ability & use Thunderbolt/Ice Beam
Grimmsnarl - check, but not counter. can paralyse with priority Thunder Wave & nullify with Spirit Break
Corviknight/Excadril - probably checks, but not counters. They have to watch out for Fire moves

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What's your team. Rhyperior would probably be the best, but he shines in trick room.
Hi RobloxianSceptile, I don't have a particular team in mind but feel free to suggest one if you wish. My favourite pokemon is Chandelure so a team built around it that counters Togekiss would be nice. (I like running Trick Room Chandelure a lot which is good for Rhyperior) In any case I just want insurance against it.
A speed-invested Excadrill is capable of OHKOing Togekiss. Second, assuming Togekiss doesn't have a Nasty Plot set up, it can't OHKO Exca.

So I'd say it "checks-plus", but doesn't counter.
A Tyrantitar could also do it, especially in Trick Room. It can OHKO Dynamax Togekiss if Tyranitar has a Weakness Policy. Togekiss also can't OHKO Tyranitar, even with STAB Max Starfall.
Max Knuckle Aura Sphere? Theoretically speaking ofc, idk if this Togekiss has it
Heat Rotom might work. It resists fire blast and both of Togekiss's STABs.
That sounds solid, actually. Pull out the Buzz-oven!
Doubles or Singles?

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use a rock type move and make your Pokemon hold a quick claw. it always works for me... : )