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Every time I battle a Lugia I get destroyed! He is the only legend I have ever had this much trouble with.

How can I counter him?

Toxic? Bulky Pokémon usually fall to that unless they carry Refresh or Heal Bell or something. It also takes 25% from Stealth Rock, which also breaks Multiscale. From there I assume it would be a matter of slamming it with strong super effective attacks that can outpace Recover + Leftovers. I'm no Smogon battler so I may be wrong. Do Lugia carry Whirlwind these days?
Disco, I thought Lugia was un-banned in VGC. We all expect you to know this stuff.
I'm talking Smogon here. If you want to take care of Lugia in VGC you smash it with Xerneas, Kangaskhan, Groudon Sandor Kyogre. Dark Void and Fake Out has don't hurt either.
It is no longer banned, but it takes up a "Restricted" spot on your team.

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Lugia can be countered with Encore or Taunt quite easily. Substitute also does well. And of course Spore could be a viable counter. Lugia has 5 Weaknesses, and most of them are fairly common. Ghost, Dark, Electric, Ice and Rock. I find ice shard to be a useful check on most teams due to the abundance of 4* weak Pokemon with glass jaws and high speed. Rayquaza, Salamence, Dragonite, Garchomp... these all appear frequently enough to merit a check on any competitive team. conveniently enough, Ice Shard could be just what you need to finish off a Lugia before it can roost.

Also, pay attention. After Lugia Roosts, it loses it's flying type, so try to use a turn to set up shop by boosting your Pokemon on these turns.

I have never experienced trouble from a Lugia, to be honest. I see it most viable on an entry trap based team, so you could always counter it with a rapid spinner as well.