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My friend and I battle a lot, and he came up with a new strategy of using a Shuckle with Protect, Rest, and Toxic. It gets really annoying and the Toxic counter eventually destroys all my Pokemon. I've countered the Toxic with steel Pokemon and a Grimer, but he just uses Protect on my moves, and when he gets low, the Shuckle rests. Can someone please help me?


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1) Boosting Sweepers with an immunity to Toxic
These include:
-Swords Dance Lucario
-Curse Muk
-Coil Arbok
-Calm Mind Cobalion
-Shift Gear Klinklang

And much more.

2) Substitute
You can combine it with boosting move or not, but Substitute gives an immunity to Shuckle's main damaging move, Toxic.

3) Taunt
Taunt will destroy this Shuckle, disallowing it to make us of any status move and leaving it vain for 2 turns.

You could also use
 Iron defence
Iron head
Power up punch
Iron tail
Rock polish
These are not bad ideas to take out Shuckle but the plan is to boost offensive power rather than staying power to deal more damage to Shuckle, a very bulky annoyer, so we would need moves that increase Attack or Special Attack rather than Defenses and Speed.
Look mate if you get a max atk,spd,def registeel you basically win, plus, the way I see it, shuckle can barely do any thing to it with it being a steel type, so I see it has a stat boosting opportunity