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Assuming this is ou, literally any ground type lol.
landorous-t, Garchomp, Mamo, Excadrill.
Any ground type destroys eleki.
What format/rules? OU or something else?

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After approximately five seconds of searching ground types with high stat totals, I can tell you that Rhyperior is a great counter to Regieleki for multiple reasons.
1. Electric immunity.
2. Normal, flying (acrobatics), and rock (ancient power) resistance.
3. Access to Brick Break, destroying all screens (Smogon’s choice set right now).

Basically, Regieleki can’t do anything to this dude, so Rhyperior is free to set up (swords dance!) or put up stealth rock. However, Steelix is a close pick due to its Mega being used in UU and similar typing, but no access to Brick Break.

EDIT: This is not taking competitive rank into consideration, thanks Fizz for the comment.

EDIT 2: Everything following this sentence, since I thought it would be appropriate to accommodate SSWD’s actual question, which is what Pokemon can wall Regieleki IN UBERS.

Alright, second time’s the charm? Regieleki AKA Speed Demon is known for its speed (duh) and attacking stats at 100 each. However, its defensive stats are severely lacking for a legend (50 each) and 80 base HP. Glass cannon, anyone?

99% of this thing’s moveset is electric, with Electro Ball being a standout due to the (duh) high speed. Obviously, we should take a ground type for this beast.

My Pick: Zygarde, AKA Slithering Ecosystem. The Dragon-Ground type is immune to Electric moves, access to Brick Break (Smogon’s set of choice for now is setting up screens), setting up with Dragon Dance and/or Substitute as Regieleki has no chance of doing anything offensively, and that it’s an Uber. Need I say more? Plus, Power Construct is awesome. Free HP bulk, especially after two substituted, is never unappreciated.

Honestly, there aren’t many more reasons I can list without a list of your team members. For example, a Garchomp on your team would obviously run this whole thing to the ground. I hate ice as much as the next person, but two 4x weaknesses is WAY too much. Overall, Zygarde with its Power Construct ability (substitute!), placement in Ubers, ground type, brick break, and great bulk help it get maybe one or two free turns when switching it into Speed Demon. Jeez, my thumbs hurt from typing so fast…

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I'm very sorry for not including this but it's ubers I kept getting walled by it.Also add other reasons since I don't want the pokemon to be good just because it counters one pokemon.
alright, I’ll put out an edit in a couple minutes, this time more research than five seconds XD
Landorus-Therian is pretty good in ubers as well,, it's a good alternative if you don't want Zygarde.
Smogon doesn't recommend using screens on Regieleki in Ubers (it recommends rapid spin, assurance, wild charge, and explosion), and according to the ladder statistics, roughly 12% of Regielekis use screens. I think brick break is not worth using.
I agree brick break is very niche, I added it “just because”. Normally, a Zygarde wouldn’t carry it. Also, when I researched this question, Smogon had a placeholder screen set, I just now checked and it has been updated to a more viable set.
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Ground-type Pokemon: Ground-types such as Zygarde-C, Groudon, Excadrill, Landorus, and Gastrodon completely nullify Regieleki's powerful STAB moves.
Ferrothorn: Ferrothorn not only resists Electric-type moves but also withstands Explosion easily, and it can punish Rapid Spin with Iron Barbs.
Dragon-type Pokemon: Dragon-types such as Eternatus and Zekrom resist Regieleki's Electric-type STAB moves, though they often have to be wary of Explosion.
Ghost-type Pokemon: Ghost-types can prevent Regieleki from spinning away hazards, though they must be wary of Assurance and Electric-type moves. Giratina and Giratina-O notably resist Regieleki's STAB moves and threaten it with Shadow Sneak.
Priority: Regieleki takes heavy damage from priority attacks such as Yveltal's Sucker Punch and Marshadow's Shadow Sneak. Though priority users are often hard-pressed to switch in, Marshadow can take advantage of a Rapid Spin and force Regieleki out.