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Multiscale Lugia Usually Stalls very well. So how good is it?

Check about me in my profile last line to know how viable it is.
All it says is The MONSTER LUGIA!!!!!!!
And this doesn't explain its viability.
Um before that it's written most hated Pokemon . Reason ? Responsible for handing over defeat to me all by itself about 15 times in natdex AG . Now explained??
Maybe you could be low ladder or don't have any counters for it.
Nope had a Arceus dark and marshadow
and last time it defeated me with team support was when I had about 1290s rating
About 15 days ago. Now I deleted my natdex team so frustrated by lugia. It was a happy relieving rage-quit.
1290 isn’t good.....

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Lugia, the sea guardian Pokemon!(who is not a water type for some reason).
Lugia has immense bulk and the infamous ability multiscale.
It serves as a potent blanket check and emergency switchin to some of AG's most potent threats, including Mega Rayquaza, Zacian-C, and Ultra Necrozma. Access to valuable support moves such as Whirlwind and Toxic and Thunder Wave allows it to accrue chip damage or cripple the aforementioned threats, allowing them to be more easily handled. Thunder Wave allows Lugia to outspeed offensive threats and freely use Roost on them in order to have Multiscale up versus their attacks, making them much easier to deal with. In particular, it punishes Zacian-C, Mega Rayquaza, and Eternatus. Lugia is very passive and so fits mainly on fatter balance teams and stall teams. This is from smogon's article about lugia.
In particular, it is used in hyperoffence teams as a wall to fall back on. In summary almost all teams can use Lugia and its very viable. Here is good set which swept me once-
[email protected] heavy duty boots
EVs252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
-thunder wave
you can also use the set given in source
To read more about lugia check out the source!

Hope I Helped!

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only a person who has used something or has been swept by something can give a discription of it
You should quote Smogon's analysis if you're going to copy some of their work
Aeroblast is the weirdest choice and Ice Beam is much better than it, and why no Defog?
@Kyogrepulse I edited it thnx
Um swastik I said that you can also use the set in source