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I would always have an Arceus-Fairy on my Natdexag team, but now I feel is a waste of time.
So which Arceus is the best?

Steel is very nice defensively, normal can run swords dance and STAB extreme speed spam. I’d opt for water to be honest, becuase it has Ice Beam and Earth Power to cover weaknesses, but that’s probably because I’m partial towards water typed
It really depends on what role you want Arceus to play.  Defensive would probably be Water or Ground, and Offensive would probably be Normal or Ghost.
Sp.Def Dark Arceus deserves position because of checking Calyrex and Yveltal, but don't go for the rankings since they are outdated :/
Arceus ground is also A-tier
He's not good enough

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First, let's go by prominent role by type.
Extreme killer (normal-type)- Really good Swords Dancer. Can hold a item, preferred are Life Orb and Chople Berry. He's a awesome Calyrex-Shadow check as it is immune to Astral Barrage and has Shadow Claw, better than Shadow Force imo. Can also carry Earthquake, which makes it decent, with good priority in form of Extreme Speed.
What can do the same role as it? It would be Arceus-Ground. It's better to hold Groundium Z than Earth Plate, because it helps with Earthquake. Apart from a Sword Dancer, it is also good for checking Zacian Crowned with Judgement, and a support with Defog for dealing with Primal Groudon. Arceus-Rock is good only for checking non-Earthquake Mega Rayquaza, but Mega-Tyranitar does it better. If you want a good Ground type setter without having Fire type, go with Arceus Ground. Else, the original Arceus is the best Swords Dancer and Calyrex counter.
Arceus-Water: Most prominent for beating Dusk Mane Necrozma, it is also one of the best Perish Song+Whirlpool trapper. It deals with Groudon-Primal by Toxic-ing it, and Recovering off the damage.
Arceus Dark: Does some good job, but severely outclassed by Yveltal because the latter gets Sucker Punch for Calyrex, and isn't weak to Pollen Puff.
Arceus-Fairy: As described in PK's answer, does good for Yveltal, and can Will-O-Wisp Dusk Mane and Zacian-Crowned on switch-in, along with checking Marshadow. Does good job with Calm Mind.
Arceus-Steel: Severely outclassed by Dusk Mane. No more words.
Arceus-Ghost: Does good as a Swords Dance, but struggles due to Yveltal and Calyrex's prominence in the meta.
Arceus Poison: Uh why this? Does check Xerneas, but deadweight against non-Xerneas team and Eternatus is better.
Other formes: aren't too good to be included.
Conclusion: It does matter on what role it needs. Extreme Killer for Swords Dance, and Arceus-Water for Whirlpool trapping, Fairyceus for CalmMind and Yveltal/Marshadow check. Hope this helps!

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you forgot to mention Arceus-Fairy is also a good support Arceus, running Defog and roar to get rid of Dragon Dance mega rayquaza and Weakness policy Necrozma Dusk Mane. Basically a better Clefable
Lugia and Ho-Oh can do the job better, so no need.