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Since 16 December, it seems that Groudon-primal has the most usage in Natdexag? Bur what makes it that good?

Stealth rock setter, counter to Zacian Crowned.
Incredible offensive typing
Beating grass rock steel bug fire ice electric poison
Amazing attack and special attack great bulk and has rock polish :3

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Primal Groudon is one of the most fearsome offensive threats in AG thanks to its impressive offensive movepool and ability to hit foes incredibly hard both physically and specially while being accompanied by its solid natural bulk, which makes it difficult to revenge kill.

Primal Groudon has a great offense, a great movepool, and some great stats. Primal Groudon has a BST of 770 and one weakness being Ground. All this makes an extremely viable Pokemon.


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Just saying, but if P-Kyogre switches in, there is no option for you but to switch out.
I know, but P-Groudon has one weakness while P-Kyogre has two and Groudon has  a better movepool.
I accept that. P-Groudon can fill many roles.