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I want to know what are the ways to defeat Lugia in Ubers. He is the greatest Wall in the metagame so it is a huge threat and I want to know reliable counters to it.


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  • Fight fire with fire. (Lugia against Lugia)
  • Look at his weaknesses! Darkrai can use Dark Void + Calm Mind a few times then things like Dark Pulse and Thunderbolt should OHKO him. EDIT: Did some stat calcs and Calm Mind 3 times plus Dark Gem plus Dark Pulse = OHKO
  • Wobbufet with Destiny Bond (LOL) {Not too reliable}
  • Zekrom can dominate as well with Thunder Wave then Hone Claws 3 times. Follow it with Bolt Strike for an OHKO. (Tested)
  • Giratina with Shadow Force is Super Effective. Plus Toxic! (Tested and equals 1-2 hits for KO)
    Those are only a few.
    I have never seen Lugia as a huge force, so sorry if this didn't help.


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I would prefer stat calcs and strategy included in the answer. Like Zekrom's Bolt-strike requires how many hone-claws to OHKO Lugia etc.
Ok. Will be done