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I am doing a 'No Catching' challenge on SW/SH and of course one of the accessible Pokemon is Togekiss. This is my planned move set.

Dazzling Gleam
Aura Sphere
Air Slash

Now I don't know what to choose between Flamethrower or Psychic. Maybe even just replacing another move for one another. Lemme know what you think

Other team members? (IDK what 'mons are accessible in SwSh)
My other mons are gonna be


Yea that's it

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Flamethrower takes out Ice and Steel types that you're weak to -- but so does Aura Sphere. Psychic allows you to reliably counter Poison types that give Togekiss trouble, but it's going to see less use than Flamethrower/Aura Sphere, as Poison types aren't too common. You should probably use Psychic, as Aura Sphere already takes out all weaknesses Flamethrower can handle, while also providing a way to nail Rock types. Another option would be to swap Aura Sphere with Flamethrower for more power, but you lose your way to hit Rock types super effectively if you do that.

Hope I helped!

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Ah gotcha. It did help too, so thanks!
You're welcome!