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okay my birthday is in the month of may and it is may.I went to pokemon.com and i went to see my messages to get togekiss.But i didnt receive any.So is something wrong or something?

is it your birthday today

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  1. You just need to give it some time to get there. (it is only the first)
  2. You set the wrong birthday on the account.

I think it might be the first option. Be patient

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What is impossible??
You can get Togekiss on your birthday?  Is it, like, a transfer to your game?
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When it was october (the month of my birthday), I had this problem too, I didn't receive a message and there was nothing that said I could take my togekiss, but after a few days (10 or something) I got the message that I could take my Togekiss. The date you receive it is not the same as the your birthday, S-so just wait a few days and I'm sure you will get your Togekiss too.