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I have a timid Togepi in Pokemon Y with 6 IVs and no egg moves, and I want to use it in competitive but can't deside what EV spread he should have.
I'm going for an Annoying, Bulky paraflinch with the serene grace abilllty and the moves:
- Air slash
- Thunder Wave
- Dazzling Gleam
- Roost
Would love to take any suggestions for spreads with these conditions, Thanks!

How about trying a speedy one? It can go up to 284, I mean, that's an okay speed slot but it can outspeed more than you would think.
Should probably go for 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe
if I run a speedy one, will thunder wave still have a use?
Definitely. You're going for a paraflinch, that means t wave is very valuable. Also, as stated above, its speed does leave a bit to be desired, which is why t wave can be used for speed control as well.

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Here is a bulky and well tank
[email protected]
Ability:Serene Grace
EVs Def 152 Spdef 252 Spatk 100
Ancient power (To Raise its stats already boosted by Serene grace To 20% from 10%)
Thunderwave/Yawn(to make it easier for it to set up)
Air slash (for flinching and STAB)
Protect/Baton Pass(Protect to keep it up longer Baton pass to switch its Ancient Power Stat changes)
It works extremely well because every 5 ancient powers you should get at average 1 Boost and the eviolite makes its defenses amazing Air slash will take care of most Pokemon but steel ground and rock types but you can just use baton pass to be safe and go into like blaziken and when there taken care of baton pass back into togetic to keep and stat boosts.