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What are all the channels which show Pokémon episodes?

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Question says it all.

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Japan: TV Tokyo

Australasia: Cartoon Network

Australia: Eleven

Canada: YTV

United Kingdom: CITV, Disney XD, Pop (Soon)

Ireland: Disney XD

USA: Cartoon Network, Boomerang

South Africa:, Disney XD

Germany: Prosieben Maxx.

Thailand: Right Beyond Co., Ltd.

France: Disney XD France

Italy: Disney XD, K2

Latin America: Cartoon Network

Netherlands: Disney XD

Czech Republic: TV Barrandov

Singapore: okto

Poland: Disney XD

Taiwan: MOD

Hong Kong: Jade

Mainland China: iQiyi

Sorry these were the only one's I could find. If anyone watches Pokémon in a different country to the one's I've just mentioned, can you please leave a comment saying what station it's on. I'd really appreciate it :)

Hope I helped :)

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What's da source?
Honestly If I included all my sources, there would be about 20 sources js
List em
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Cartoon Network, and...that's the only channel :(

Pokemon can only be watched on Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings on the tv
Or, you gotta go online or have Pokemon tv, but Pokemon tv doesn't show new episodes

Here's a link for weekly new Pokemon episodes:

EDIT: Cartoon Network is only for USA, Wikipedia shows where it airs.émon_(anime)#Airing_and_production

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That's only in the USA, Pokémon isn't on Cartoon Network in the UK.
Thanks for pointing it out, I live In the US but I didn't think of other countries