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There is a backpacker who, if you talk to him 4 days in a row, gives you the Strange Souvenir item, which is apparently from an unknown region.
After you defeat the E4, you get sent back to your home. Shauna is waiting outside and wants to trade a starter Pokemon (depending on which starter you chose). After you trade with her and try to talk to her again, she will sometimes say this:

"Know what? I'm going to go to a faraway region next time! I'll make lots of great memories while I'm there!"

Since the Strange Souvenir is from a faraway region, will something happen if you talk to her when you have collected it? Or will something happen if you trade her a Pokemon holding the Strange Souvenir? Or will nothing happen at all? This has been really bugging me lately.


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I highly doubt your theory. No offense. Good theory though xD

It may be an event item, or an item that can be traded over to the succeeding game (Pokemon Z?) and has some usage in that game. It's been done before!

Hope I helped. :)
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