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If you talk to a back packer in different hotels daily for four days in a row he hands you an item called Strange Souvenir, which is native from his unknown region. Do any of you know if you can do something with the item?


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No, you can't do anything with the Strange Souvenir, but since it mentions something about a region far away from Kalos, probably a new game, it can't be a remake because it doesn't remind me about anything from the other regions and the backpacker says that his region is not in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh or Unova. Just hold on to like I am! It might come in handy once the new game comes out!

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Or it might come in handy for an upcoming WiFi event..? Or for the unconfirmed Pokémon Version Z..?
Yeah! Exactly! It might not be Z because you can already catch the Z pokemon Zygarde in X and Y but what do I know!? Anyway, yeah I'm sure your right!