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Hey, I've been looking for digletts with arena trap to catch entei/raikou in heartgold, But whenever I catch them they always seem to have Sand Veil.. So am I wasting my time or not? If I am whats another viable strategy for entei/raikou? Mean look?


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Yes, there is. Arena Trap was introduced in Gen 3, so you are just unlucky.
Also, if you try to use trapping moves/abilities on Entei/Raikou, it won't work. They can just use Roar to end the battle.
More info on Arena Trap

I actually tried this myself back when I played SS, and about 99% or the time, Entei and Raikou were smart and used Roar as their first move every time. Roar does have -6 priority though, so you will always move first (with a few rare exceptions), meaning that you will be able to hit them once before they roar you away.
Hold up, what would be the point of hitting them? Wouldn't they just roar still, and get their health back? Or is it like tornadus and thunderus, how they keep their health when you find them again.
They keep their health, they don't heal themselves. So you can just weaken them a bit at a time, or go with the more efficient option which is putting them to sleep and going from there.
Oh wow i feel dumb now. I kept trying to quick ball them. Thanks for the info :D
No problem :D