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Originally, I had both a Rapid Spinner / Stealth Rock user (Forretress) and a Magic Bounce user (Espeon) on my team. However, I've been experimenting with the cheapness of a Baton Passing Scolipede and I decided to replace Forretress for it. Everything goes well when I predict someone using Stealth Rocks or if they don't run it.

However, when Stealth Rocks are on my side, it hurts my tactic a bit because Scolipede no longer can pass a +2 Attack to Dragonite, or if he does Dragonite suffers losing his Multiscale ability.

So, should I try to keep a rapid spinner on my team? Or would it be best just to try and endure without one.


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I would say yes because when dragonite losses multiscale it can be taken out with an ice move rather easily even through its bulkyness.

With multiscale it can take an ice move really well for it being 4x against him (weakness policy works amazingly with this)

So overall I would say yes because you can setup a nice sweep

Hope I Helped :)

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Since you got rid of your Stealth Rock setter what you can do is run a Defog user. Some great ones out there are, Togekiss, Latias, Latios, Scizor, Mandibuzz, and Gliscor can all run Defog. If you're not running hazards then it works really well, because unlike Rapid Spin it can't be blocked by ghosts. It can be stopped by Taunt, but that's not as bad.

I just saw your comment, but I actually thought about a Defoger. Excadrill's not working too well so I might try it.