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When I battled pokemaster before Toxic spikes hurt me alot. I have never trained a rapid spinner before. What are the best ones.


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#1 - Forretress is one of the best rapid spinners/leads ever. with the ability to learn each and every Entry Hazards+Explosion
#2 - Starmie is a good choice too, seeing that it can start your game in a sweep,then going for the rapid spin to protect you from entry hazards.
#3 - Donphan is amazing! entry hazards+rapid spin+relly good defense works well for donphan.

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For Toxic Spikes, bringing in a Poison-type pokemon like Roserade will "absorb" the spikes. (Doesn't work with Gengar because of Levitate.)

There aren't many pokemon that can learn Rapid Spin actually: http://pokemondb.net/move/rapid-spin

Ironically one of the most popular rapid spinners is Forretress who usually sets up entry hazards. The other usual suspect is Starmie. Although Blastoise is a good defensive Pokemon that can spin.

I have a feeling Excadrill will be extremely popular in B/W so you will likely see him as a spinner in the future.

Yes, Excadrill is a total flipping boss.
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I suggest a Starmie, Foretress, or Hitmontop.

Starmie's got great special attack and speed, so it can do more than just spin the spikes away.

Forretress, as said by the above, is also capable of setting spikes and is great as a kamikaze lead with Explosion. Also, since it's part Steel-type, it's immune to the effects of Toxic Spikes and takes neutral damage from Stealth Rock.

Hitmontop could be used if it had Technician, because it could also turn the move into a fairly viable attack.

I can't speak for any Gen. V Pokemon, though, because I've yet to play the games.

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