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Blastoise is a great spinner. it is bulky and yet still powerful.
also it can STAB rock types that know stealth rocks. and is resistant to steel.

try this set move set

rapid spin
aure sphere
ice beam
water pulse (surf if not mega)

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Yep. Rapid Spin is completely viable on Blastoise, whether it be an offensive or defensive set.

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He didn't ask if mega blast was a good rapid spinner :/ but ether way it is true. Blastoise has a more utility move set then a special sweeper. Even mega blastoise can be used as a utility poke to remove rocks and scald or toxic.....However due to mega Mega Blastoises 135 base special attack, and high def, and special def, he can be used with more special moves then he could before. (Ex-rapid spin, dark pulse, scald, and ice beam or aura sphere would be a good move set)
Whoops, I meant to say just Blastoise.
Watch someone post an answer that has a bunch of redundant info and get BA, im calling it. (+1 for justice)
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