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I know people breed for perfect iv and natures but if someone wanted to use a legend in a online battle and they do care about the iv and natures how would they get a good nature and iv set if you cant breed them? if someone got a bad nature for a specific legend you wouldn't be able to change it but would people still use it anyway?


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Ok, Quick answer. The natures and IVs are random, so use a Pokemon with the ability synchronize and keep resering for perfect IVs and natures

can influence its nature. Have a Pokemon with the synchronize ability
and the nature you want HO-OH to be. Encounter Ho-oh with the
synchronized Pokemon in front and there will be a 50% change it will
have the nature the synchronized Pokemon has. If the IV's aren't right
for you keep reseting and battling it until Ho-oh is to your liking.

Source^ from gamefax
Hope I helped:D