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So far, I have only been able to use my Banned Pokemon in local multi-card play. Is it possible for me to use global link and somehow use say, Arceus in an online battle? Also, is there some way to battle online without the stupid "Level 50 All" rule? Please, I really want to whoop some online butt with my Shiny Darkrai.


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Well, there are some Pokemon that you can't use in Global Link. Unfortunately, Dark and Arceus are both on the banned-Pokemon list. Here is the full list.
There is no way to battle without the level 50 rule, it's just one of the rules.
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Why is chatot banned?
because it learns a move called "chatter"
You can battle with lv100s against your friends online ....
You cant see right now, but I just banged my fist on the desk. By the way Nascarfan73, I didnt know that about chatot. Thanks for lettin me know.