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i know there already is a Question Related to Spritzee movesets already, but as I happened to stumble over This poke in Wonder trade I can't be picky about it's ivs, breeding moves and nature's etc and it's the Closest thing to a shiny flawless I got, I figured ID check if I Can use it to anyting in proper battles :)

It's nature is Sassy (+sp def - speed) and it's ivs Are 31 in all except defence. Currently it's level 1 wwithout any ev's at all and it's moves now Are Sweet scent and fairy wind.

It's ability is Aroma vail. Male as well, if that's relevant for attract etc.

It's my first post, I actually created the account to ask for This, So I'm sorry if I break any site rules, tried browsing over them and don't think I did. I'm rather New to competitive batling, ive breeded a total of 4 'Battle-ready' pokes before This one so any advice to make This slightly useful in any team would be helpfull ;) if not doable i'l just trade it for another shiny somewhere ;)

Thanks a lot in advance!

You're allowed to keep it up, don't worry. People ask lots of personalised questions on this site. xD

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Aromatisse (spritzee's evolution) can actually be a pretty great competitive Pokémon, especially if it's shiny with 5 IVs and its Hidden Ability. So you were right when you talked about it being a shiny flawless. Due to its ability, I would suggest a status move set like the one I have below:
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Sp. Atk
Trick Room: it'll almost always move first
Calm Mind: a great move for this set
Draining Kiss: helps it recover HP—making it an excellent staller
Aromatherapy: heals status conditions (of everyone)

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I'm sorry the pic is so big; only shiny pic I found after searching awhile.
Hope I helped!
Thanks alot! That's what I was looking for ;) got any suggestions for Evs? Should i go for def? To try cover up it's imperfect def iv, special attack/hp? :) and love the pic ;) either go big or go home right? :)

Edit: would trick room work with This one? AS it got 31 speed..? AS stated it's a special shiny i got now, so If I'm using it, it's as is. I can't breed it differently, then it Won't be shiny..
Yeah, even with full IVs, with 0 EVs and a hindering nature it'll do amazing.  (Plus, don't forget that it's base Speed is under 30.)
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If you mean can it pass down any moves to another species of Pokemon that are viable for competitive battle, then yes, since it's male. The main move I would recommend is breeding Aromatherapy onto a Cleffa, since Cosmic Power Clefable w/ Magic Guard is gaining popularity in competitive play due to its decent bulk and good typing.

Other than that, I don't really think Spirtzee/ Aromatisse learn any good moves for passing down.

If you mean can you use Aromatisse in battle, then I would recommend using a Trick Room set, either in doubles or in singles.

Aromatisse moveset suggestions

Thanks for replying, but I'm afraid you misunderstood. I wa wondering if i could create a competitive pokemon using This specific individual one. AS it's shiny with 5 ivs.

Means no breeding for it, no change of nature etc. I want to create a pokemon Usable for battle with This spritzee i got if possible and Where looking for suggestions to moves, Evs, intems, the lot I Can use to create something i Can use for proper battles ;) Can that be Done? :)
Your answer Where great fondant. Just not exactly what i was asking about ;) Thanks for taking your time :)
That's okay; I didn't understand 100% so it's fine, but I'm happy you found your answer.