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Competitive and non-competitive wise. You may want put your answer(s) in 2 sections.

To be honest, I'll more likely go with Slurpuff because Aromatisse is just butt-ugly looking in my opinion xD But I still want to hear what you think.

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Urgh, competitive. >.<
I guess I can do the non-competitive side of it when I can. xD

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For non competitive, it is completely up to preference, but slurpuff does have higher stats, so I would choose it

I would also choose slurpuff for competitive. This thing walled me entirely on my competitive battle.

Slurpuff @ leftovers
bold/calm nature
252 hp, 252 special defense/physical defense

calm mind

cotton guard


draining kiss

cotton guard boosts your defense by +3, so using only two of them will max out your defense, though you only need to use it once to wall. Calm mind gives you +1 special attack and +1 special defense, so you may need to use two or three to have really good special defense too, but you also increase your special attack, which is great. Wish is to easily heal up, and draining kiss is a good move for it that also heals hp. Use one cotton guard, two if you want to be a troll, and the rest on calm mind and nothing can touch you.

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great moveset. +1
Now, people are beginning to use Unburden (H/A) with Belly Drum and Sitrus Berry, which with Max Speed and Attack, is dangerous. Cotton Guard is also used to strengthen the defense before Belly Drumming
Slurpuff @ Sitrus berry


Enough EV's to make overall HP an even number,  252 Atk, Remaining EV's in Speed

Belly Drum - Max out Atk

Play Rough - STAB

Drain Punch - Type coverage and recovery

Protect - Obvious reason

This set was originally created by Verlisify on Youtube. He has some other good sets on other pokemon.
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Statwise, Slurpuff is better statwise, having a Base Stat Total of 480, where as Aromatisse has a Base Stat Total of 468. ([Sou][1][rce][2])
This means Slurpuff is better non-competitively.

Competitively, I would say Aromatisse is better except for one thing: Its speed stat of 29. That's right, twenty-nine. one of the lowest speed stats for a fully evolved Pokemon. For a comparison, Snorlax has a speed stat of 30 with a much higher stat total. Moving on, Slurpuff has a movepool that is leaned more towards Grass type moves, learning Energy Ball and Cotton Guard. Aromatisse has a movepool that leans more towards Psychic type moves, learning Psychic and Psyshock. With Aromatisse's 99 special attack, it can cover its Poison weakness with Psychic, leaving it only weak to Steel Types. Here is a moveset I recommend:

Aromatisse w/ Pixie Plate
Nature: Quiet (^SpAtk vSpeed)
EV Spread: 252 SpAtk, 128 Def, 128 SpDef
Ability: Aroma Veil
Draining Kiss
[1]: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-xy/685.shtml
[2]: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-xy/683.shtml

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To go more in-depth on the Moveset:

Pixie Plate powers up Fairy Type moves, which is always nice, considering it helps with STAB on 3 of its moves. Psychic Gem can work too (once it's released).
I picked a Quiet Nature because the boost in Special Attack helps all of its moves, and let's face it: Aromatisse is NEVER going to attack first.
I picked Aroma Veil because Healer is near-useless.
Now, for the moves.

Draining Kiss gives recovery, Moonblast gives damage, and Psychic/Thunderbolt gives coverage.
3 STABs is unnecessary tbh.
What else is it going to learn? Aromatherapy?
I would suggest Thunderbolt in the place of Dazzling Gleam since in competitive having two moves that are almost the same is redundant. If that's in-game though (i don't think it is) it's fine.
But Dazzling Gleam targets more than 1 Pokemon, and I really need moves that do that atm, at least in-game
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enter image description here


enter image description here


1: The Stat comparison


HP: 82
Attack: 80
Defense: 86
Special Attack: 85
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 72
Total: 480


HP: 101
Attack: 72
Defense: 72
Special Attack: 99
Special Defense: 89
Speed: 29
Total: 462


Slurpuff's HP stat is weaker than Aromatisse's, 82 < 101.
Slurpuff's Attack is better but not by far than Aromatisse's, 80 > 72.
Again, Slurpuff has the best defense out of the two, 86 > 75.
However, Aromatisse beats Slurpuff with the special attack stat, 99 > 85.
Aromatisse is also the best with the special defense stat, 89 > 75.
Slurpuff finally gets a win in the Speed factor, 72 > 29.

These two fairies are well evened, but as a total wise, Slurpuff wins it.

2: The relevant details

2.1: Slurpuff

Slurpuff's stats are well evened. It gets access to Sweet Veil to support your team. Thus, none of your Pokémon can get asleep. This is half-decent. Hypnosis will no longer work on you, nor Spore. I find it pretty occasional, finally. Unburden is its second ability. Oh but come on! You should be using it with berries or gems. It will afterward double your speed, leaving you with a nice sweeper. Although it lacks a bit of special attack, Slurpuff has not a bad movepool. I mean Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Dazzling Gleam and Thunderbolt forms its attacking core. You should give it a Sitrus Berry with the four move above, to get something like this, if Slurpuff shall be your sweeper:

Slurpuff @ Sitrus Berry:
Trait: Unburden
EVs: 252 Sp.Atk / 196 Speed / 64 HP
Modest Nature

  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Flamethrower
  • Thunderbolt
  • Energy Ball

And if you want a supporter, it gets Safeguard, which prevent status ailment hitting you, Aromatherapy, Cotton Spore, Light Screen and that's pretty it. Do not use Slurpuff, it is awful. Except the above set, it MAY work, but not sure.

2.2: Aromatisse

Aromatisse is not better, abilities wise. Sure, it gets two near-useless abilities, in single, half decent in double. You should be using in either fact Aroma veil, to support Outrage Scarfchomp and some rare Petal Dance and Trash users. Stats wise, it is not as evened as Slurpuff, it has an excellent 101 base HP, but a very very baddass speed. You should make a use of it, in a trick room team. This page should help you finding movesets.

3: The choice

2 mediocre Pokémons means no choices, if possible. Try to get a Florges, it is better and by far. But if you shall stick to one of the two, I would pick Aromatisse if you play a Hail Room team or double battles, which will be quite popular with Mega-Abomasnow speed reduced. Otherwise, pick Slurpuff for single play.

Cotton Guard. Slurpuff can learn Cotton Guard.
Slurpuff can learn Belly Drum and Play Rough. Have Unburden as an Ability and give it a sitrus berry and you get a nice sweeper on the team.
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For competitive, go with Slurpuff. For non-competitive, pick either one. Slurpuff can be a terrifying sweeper with it's belly drum and unburden. This is what I would recommend:

[email protected] Sitrus berry
Jolly/Adamant nature
252 hp/126 defense/126 special defense
Unburden Nature

Belly Drum

Play Rough



Use belly drum to max out your attack and use sitrus berry to restore it up to 75% of your health. Unburden will DOUBLEyour speed, allowing for some sweeps, even with steel types. You then use play rough and sweep teams. Then use Wish and Protect to heal you back up. My Slurpuff was able to defeat a mega mawile with a single play rough, if you want to know how strong you'll slurpuff will become.