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like a lego pikachu? or a lego squirtle?enter image description here

like this but in U.S.A.?


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Currently there is no official Lego Pokemon set. There is a Japanese thing called Pokemon Mega Bloks which you can check out here on Amazon. They actually look pretty cool, although there is on that weirds me out (Groudon turns into airplane, [yes you read that right]).

There is a way that you can get an official Lego set actually released by the Lego company by retail and its called Lego CUUSO. this is an official Lego program designed to help people who build cool things and make them into an actual set you can buy, and its all Lego. You actually get the box with the official Lego logo on it. This program has helped Mojang of Minecraft get into the buisness and now we have Lego Minecraft sets. The program also has gotten us a Back to the Future set and just recently, a Ghostbusters set. It basically works like this:

  1. Make an account.
  2. Browse the Lego sets.
  3. Support what you want will to happen.
  4. When the product gets 10,000 supporters, the board at CUUSO will meet to approve it and if they do, we get a new Lego set. This happens, like, twice a year.
  5. Buy it.

There are Pokemon Lego sets posted, some of are decent, but others are awesome, like this Gyarados. All you have to do is search the thing you want in the search box and find it. You can search for things like Legend of Zelda, Batman, or other miscellaneous stuff like this cool Piano that needs support fast.

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I don't think there is but I know amazon has them for sell. It's called Nanoblocks