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I know this is a bit of an odd question, however I've been looking through the pokedex for all the games again to being writing a story about a Roselia for my little brother and what I found made ,e curious. I understand that the pre-evolved form of Roselia is budew, and budew is the bud Pokemon and when they evolve Rosies automatically have roses on the ends of their arms. However, in the pokedex (in Emerald, Diamond, Heart gold, Soul silver, and y) it states that Roselia that are raised on "nutritionally rich" spring waters (varies by game) they will have beautiful blooms when they do bloom. Did the authors mean budews? Or are we assuming that at times they do not have roses at the end of their arms and instead have buds? I know I am taking this way too literally, but I want to get all the "facts" straight before writing. Thank you so much!


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In terms of the sprites you seen in the actual game, no, they are always flowers :3

But in terms of actual Pokemon Biology, it's pokedex does claim for have buds before the bloom brings flowers. These are buds however, not Budews in that sense. Although, I quite like your thinking with that.

I pretty much got this my working it out , logic and bases it off from what you said,but if it helps, you can look at this page. I'm not sure how much it helps, though.

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Okay, I guess my question was kind of confusing in its explanation XD Sorry, I wasn't asking if they would really have buds. The concept of budews being the buds on Roselias is kinda awesome though, would be a cool method of reproduction.  I really needed a second opinion on this. Thank you! They should really keep with their own pokedexes, it would be pretty neat if they actually showed this in the shows or in those games that the Pokemon can change appearance with the seasons.