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There's this random stabby spike on the top of it and it makes no sense to be part of a washing machine.

Edit: The rest of the Rotom have it too, so what is the spike?

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It's just how game freak wanted to design in.. is it really that big of a deal to you to ask about it?
It's just a trivial question.  It doesn't have to be important to ask about.  Just curiosity.

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It's not random; That spike carries from form to form : look at the sprites.
And now the forms:
Rotom Rotom Rotom Rotom Rotom
Oddly, Mow doesn't have a spike, but all the rest as you can see do from the original form.

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It does have a Spike tazzie You can clearly see it :P
it does have a spike but it's converted into a handle
Look at its head you can see aTriangle on the top of it :P
I didn't even notice that all of them had it. I wonder why Rotom in general have spikes.
Not a spike tho.... Spike =\= handle
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I think it's supposed to represent a lightning rod.

"Rotom has a body of plasma and shaped like a lightning rod."

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rotom_(Pokémon)

Hope I helped :)

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All rotom forms have it. Rotoms forms all have a resemblence, the crazy eyes and smirk, and that spike, so its most likely why Rotom Wash has it, to look like a rotom!

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