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What is the probability of wondertrading with a person in the same location than one from another?

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"it depends on the amount of people wondertrading from your location, duh"

I just wanted to know if you are more likely to wondertrade someone from the same location or not, because I need to stock up on pokemiles and you get more pokemiles if you are trading to people from far away.

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You are more likely to trade with someone far away than near. 1 city/country vs. all the others, it's more likely to trade with someone else.

Source: Logical thinking and experience(I probably only wondered traded with one New Yorker out of ALL my wonder trades)
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Wonder Trade is with any random person in the world - that much is abundantly clear from the descriptions of Wonder Trade

>Wonder Trade is a new form of Pokemon trading where you pick a Pokemon to offer and it will be instantly traded for another completely random Pokemon offered by someone else around the world. (Dis one from IGN)

So it's quite obvious, what the answer is. The percentages point towards getting a Pokemon from a different place. Do you think you would be more likely to get a Pokemon from a certain city, in a certain state, in a certain country compared to the other 200+ countries in the world?. No, unless your sense of logic flew out the window. An exact probability would obviously be impossible without the resources of Nintendo themselves, since you would have to know every single person who has access to Pokemon X and Y and wifi in the world and stuff like that.

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To add on to this answer, timing is also important.
What l personally do nowadays is Wondertrade whenever l'm up at 4am EST so that l get to Wondertrade with people normally in a different timezone, and it works because a lot of Japanese players are on  at that time, rather than the daytime of your timezone, you will probably get a lot of US players.