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Okay, so I've seen different answers to this question on the internet and I just wanted to get a clear answer.

Will held items be permanently removed (consumed and not refundable) after online battles/battle masion?
If the items aren't removed permanently, which battles does this apply to and which does it not apply to?

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Okay. Just wanna help clear this up.

In online, wireless, and Battle Maison battles your Pokemon returns exactly the same as it went in.

Your Held Item will be on your Pokemon, regardless of whether or not it was used/lost. This applies to any and all Items your Pokemon may or may not be holding. If you steal an Item from the opposing trainer (regardless of battle type, Wi-Fi, Maison, or local) your Pokemon will not be holding it when you are back in your game. On the same note, If your Item was stolen or consumed it will be on your Pokemon when you are back in your game.

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No, in online or local competitive play, all items stay attached to your Pokemon.
If you attach a sitrus berry to Rotom, and play an online match, and he uses it, it will return after you finish the match in the metagame.