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I'm supposed to look for the Garchompite Stone between 8pm and 9pm. I've followed all the steps to find it but It's not there. I wonder if my time zone has anything to do with that.


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First and foremost, you have to beat the Elite Four, which will make
you Pokemon League Champion and give you access to Kiloude City, via
the train system from Lumiose City.

Kiloude City is home to cool things like the Friend Safari. However,
in order to progress and start the hunt for Mega Stones, you have to
participate in at least one battle in the Battle Maison, located in
the center of Kiloude. Once done, head all the way north to meet your
rival. After beating him/her, you'll get the Absolite as well as a
message to head over to Anistar City to the Sundial.

Professor Sycamore will upgrade your Mega Ring and let you know that
Mega Stones only appear during the night, starting at 8PM and ending
at 9PM.

You do have to fly into Anistar City and interact with the Sundial at
8PM whenever you want to go looking for Mega Stones each day.

make sure you have done everything in this description. to sum up, this is the Things required for finding most of the mega stones

  • beat elite four
  • have the mega ring
  • make sure the clock is 8PM-9PM
  • fly to Anistar City and interact with the Sundial at
    8PM whenever you want to go looking for Mega Stones each day

make sure you have done everything and you will find the garchompite. make sure the video you have seen was correct. garchomps mega stone location looks like this:
enter image description here

hope I helped!


detailed description explaining where to find the garchompite

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Have you upgraded your Mega Ring yet?

After you finish the game, head to Kiloude City and battle your rival. Once you do, talk to Professor Sycamore and he will upgrade your Mega Ring so that you can detect hidden Mega Stones from 8 PM to 9 PM so you can go hunting for all those Mega Stones!

Also, the game can tell when you adjust the time from your 3ds settings, so you need to actually wait until 8 PM for them to actually appear.

Hope this helps!


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Yes, it is. Just make sure that your 3DS time is between 8pm to 8.59pm. If you save at the place where the Garchompite is( which is outside a building at Victory Road ), you will have to go in the cave and come out again. That's what I did and I got my Garchompite.