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I'm replaying Pokemon Y and one of Korrina's gym lackeys used Knock Off on my Charmeleon, who is holding the Charizardite Y. It said "Foe Hariyama knocked of Charmeleon's Charizardite Y!"

I'm pretty sure that Mega Stones can't be knocked off from Pokemon that can use them, but I was wondering if my game glitched or it's possible to knock off mega stones from inadequate holders.

Thanks for taking my question seriously!

It's returned after battle though right?
This question has technically already been asked before.
To answer your question, yes
I'd argue that the rule is not to ask the same question, not give a question that has an identical answer.

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Well rip me  then><
Actually they are 2 different questions. That ones asking if you can knock off a mega stone from a Poke that can mega evolve but hasnt. This is asking if a poke that cant mega evolve at all.

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Knock Off doesnt affect Mega Stones aslong as thepokemon holding the stone can use it. If it cannot Mega Evolve thestone can be Knocked Off


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