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when hawlucha uses sky attack with a flying gem will it recieve the speed boost before it uses sky attack or will it recieve the speed boost after it used sky attack


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Speed is doubled once the held item is consumed. Serebii

Unburden doubles the Pokémon's Speed stat when the Pokémon's held item is lost. If there is no held item to begin with or if a held item is traded for another, Unburden will not be activated. Bulbapedia

From these definitions and experience, the Speed Boost will activate once the held item is consumed. The events will go in this order:

  1. Hawlucha used Sky Attack!
  2. Hawlucha is charging!
  3. Hawlucha used Sky Attack!
  4. Hawlucha consumed Flying Gem!
  5. Hawlucha's Speed doubles!
  6. Hawlucha hits Sky Attack.
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